our goal

Giving you the opportunity  to improve lives locally and internationally

We are focused on building connections from our coffee to our pastries and teas. By building relationships with organizations focused on helping people it gives you the chance to help make changes in others lives. 

Our Coffee Farmers

Our E 5:14 coffee comes from San Luis, Honduras. This farm was started by Evangelistic Faith Mission as a way to provide jobs to local people. By having local management and workers the farm can provide resources which benefit the local economy. The proceeds of this farm go into the local operations of the people and mission.

Our R 13:11 coffee comes from the lush hills of San Luis, Santa Barbara Honduras. Freddy Rapalo is a third generation  farmer who is focused on helping his local people. He pays a livable wage so that the workers do not have to leave their families! He is dedicated to using natural methods which benefit the trees and surrounding areas.

Our Tea

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